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Illumination of the B-14 hull is another page written by light in the history of UNIT.City, a city of innovations that can safely be called the Ukrainian analogue of Silicon Valley.

The façade of the B-14 business campus, designed by the coolest archimatika architectural team, has a complex jagged shape of all-glued glass edges that interact with light in a very interesting way. In the daytime, they emphasize the play of the sun's rays that slide over them all day long, as the building is rotated at an angle of 45 ° with respect to the North-South axis. On different floors, the teeth are directed in different directions to enhance the light-dynamic effect.

We emphasized this geometry of the facade with a special soft reflected light, for which we developed custom lamps. We then placed them in specially designed niches that give a softer bouncing light.

For each of our projects at UNIT.City, we develop a lighting control system in such a way that it becomes part of the overall lighting master plan for this innovative mini-city. A powerful controller connects the media lighting of the facades of business campuses and residential complexes with the media installation Beacon, Main Plaza and public spaces into a single system of an annual schedule that smoothly fades and changes depending on the length of the daylight hours, the season and thematic events.